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We offer Icon designs with user interface studies for screen based communication devices to achieve optimal user experiences. Icons are part of our daily mobile usage and these graphics can be custom designed into various shapes and themes that will make them stand out. We also offer logo,labels and selective packaging design services.

About Packaging Design

What is Packaging?

Packaging is the expertise of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. It also describes the process of designing, evaluating, and producing packages.

Packaging can be defined as a system of preparing goods for transport, warehousing, logistics, sale, and end use.

Packaging contains, protects, preserves, transports, informs, and sells. Package labelling is any written, electronic, or graphic communication on the package.

In today’s competitive business environment, the product packaging is as important as the product itself. Besides making the product visually attractive and appealing to the customers, the packaging design needs to be functional. So much attention has been put on Apple’s product packaging that the “unboxing” process offers an unique experience to the customers.

What makes a creative packaging design that is amazing and strikes the eye?

The consumer today is often too busy to read the products’ fine prints. It is the first impressions that count. Packaging that has a glorious design and is elegant gives the impression of a quality product that attracts customers. Usually there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Most impressive designs are slight modifications of what existed for a long time. The resourceful package designer just focuses on the elements that will sparkle before the customer’s eyes. A simple refresh of the product packaging design will reveal an amazing up-to-date product in the eyes of the customer.

Why Consider Refreshing your Packaging Design?

Maintaining a consistent product look and feel has its merits as some brands are built to last. However, based on studies, there are great benefits in revising, refreshing to some degree the packaging design. It may just be attempting a more trendy colour palette, adding new features or some other changes. These changes may lead to a better market opportunity. Is there an exceptional time or rationale for doing a design change? Not exactly, any number of reasons may indicate a need for a package refresh.

When to Consider Refreshing your Packaging Design?

It is after a review of how relevant the product is to the market or how good the product is when compared with the competitors. Given here are some good reasons for a refresh.

1. You want to appeal to a new consumer target.

The millennial’s market presents a growing opportunity for businesses. When reviewing packaging for this group of consumers, their active lifestyles have to be taken into account. This means offering product packages for on-the-go consumption.

2. You need to adapt to your aging consumer.

As the consumer base ages, it will be vital to consider senior-friendly packaging features, for instance: easy to read labels; easy to open bags, resealable bags or smaller portions.

3. Your product ingredients have changed

When ingredients of the product changes, it may mean that the packaging has to change as well. It has to be done urgently. Even when the changes do not require pressing modifications, a change in the label to highlight the new benefits may mean a product win. A notable example is ‘low sugar content’ advertising.

4. You need to meet new government regulations.

The Singapore Packaging Agreement which is a joint initiative by the National Environment Agency and NGOs to reduce packaging waste. Though the agreement is voluntary, businesses see a need to lessen the carbon foot-print for eco-friendly packaging as customers are more environmentally conscious.
5. You see the need to keep up with the international brands.

Private store brands may see a need to re-position themselves as a viable me-too option to international brands to raise their profile.

6. Your product/company goals change.

As the economy is moving towards e-commerce and mobile commerce that entail low quantity shipments, your company may shift focus to lightweight packaging. It is time to relook at new packaging solutions.

What are some Christmas Packaging Design ideas?

During the year end holiday season, every business is trying to capitalise on the festive season spending with online and newspaper Christmas promotion. The tsunami of commerce suddenly arrives. There are Christmas sales and special offers everywhere. They create campaigns with nice product packaging that delight customers and evoke emotions and promote sharing.

Theme based Chinese New Year Packaging Designs

Today, more than a billion Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year. It is one of the most important windows for product launches and packaging expressions. It is a festival that has a rich and varied theme each year. There are lots of iconic ideas for brands to appear fresh and updated. It is a time for family reunion where family members visit relatives’ homes and share meals. It is also a time for the sharing of gifts.

How to Design Packaging for different Mooncake flavours?

The mooncake is a traditional gift for family members during the Mid Autumn Festival. Nowadays there is an assortment of many flavours ranging from lotus paste with salted egg yolk to snowskin with durian filling. The packagings are as delightful as the mooncake itself. Well designed packages are often appealing to customers and they add the touch of elegance.

Designing Chocolate and Cakes packaging that stands out

Your product needs to standout from the competition and jump off the rack. Visit any local bakery or candy store and you will see just how vital the design of your bakery or chocolate packaging can be.

Great Wine Carrier packaging design ideas

The carry bags are ideal for wine shops or to be used for gifts.

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