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Product Design Company - Singapore

RUMENN is a Product Design company in Singapore . The industrial designer in our company has been serving multinationals for the past decade. Please contact us for an overview of our MNC portfolio.

Industrial / Commercial Product Design Services

Industrial design in electronics sector has been evolving during the last few decades. In the past, design involves only a rectangle metal box for computer assemblies. The design considerations then were nice external features and cost constraints of material used.

With the advent of the mobile phone, designers have to craft beautiful plastic skin to wrap around miniature electronic components. Designers have to consider radio frequency testing, radiation, human grip, finger buttons and manufacturing issues of special materials.

Recent product design for wearable devices has to squeeze more into less space. At the same time user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) becomes a major consideration. Designers have to weigh the pros and cons of providing a certain feature digitally or physically. It has become a multidimensional thing.

Industrial design is no longer product design but more a technological design. There is a similar trend in enterprise products. Industrial enterprise products play catch up in mimicking the UX and UI of consumer products.

At Rumenn product design company of Singapore , our designers are able to cater to all these requirements.

Designing for best form and function
Introducing industrial designer early in the engineering and marketing process ensures better options and better outcomes.

Many designers would agree that everything that is ever designed is done twice, first in the mind and then in reality. Rumenn’s product designers are masters of creating concept sketches that can be evaluated by the team. Clients frequently say that they are not sure what they want, but they will know it when they see it.”

After listening to the clients about the requirements, Rumenn’s Singapore product designers get involved in creating sketches, models of products and embodiments of product. They then ask the question, “Is this what you meant?”

Rumenn company product designers may gain feedback from engineers and marketing personnel. Once they are comfortable at the front end of innovation, it allows teams to be aligned for a far more efficient execution long before the design history file is initiated.

Rumenn, a Singapore product design company , can deploy designer to work closely with the client’s engineering and marketing team at an early stage of the process.

Lifestyle Product Design by Singapore Company

How to make a lifestyle product successful?

Firstly, make the design inviting. Our product designers draw people in with eye-catching aesthetics and colours, background story, or compelling motion design.

Secondly, elicit an emotional reaction. Rumenn’s product designers create designs that stand out and remain memorable by appealing to our emotions —  whether that’s surprise, curiosity, or urgency.

Thirdly, show personalised content. It can be something that is related to their culture or related to Singapore’s heritage. People respond strongly to messaging that is customized and familiar based on their behaviors, interests, culture and values.

Finally, emphasise the benefits or value proposition. People want to know what is the benefit for them. This might include cost savings, lifestyle benefits (comfort), or appeal to a person’s intrinsic motivations and values. Rumenn’s product designers are able to help you walk through these techniques and help make your product popular.

Furniture Design By Rumenn Singapore

Many designs started out as a sketch on a napkin when there is a flash of inspiration. Eventually it will be translated into CAD design that can be used to create measured pieces.

Consider form, function, and joinery
Making a design that looks nice is only part of the job. Ensuring strength and stability is the other. When designing a custom piece of furniture our product designer ensures that the joinery chosen is strong enough to support the intended use.

Furniture design may also follow a basic set of principles, such as the golden ratio. This ratio is naturally occurring mathematical number. The ratio provides a pleasing proportion to the profile of the design.

Mock it up
Sometimes it is hard to truly visualise a piece of furniture from a CAD drawing. Even a 270 degree view doesn’t tell the whole story. Rumenn product design company can fabricate mockups, whether full size or to scale, to help clients visualise and refine the design.

Packaging Design

The consumer today is often too busy to read product brochures. It is the first impressions that count. Packaging that has a elegant design gives the impression of a quality product that attracts customers.

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Creative Graphic Design – Company or Product Logo Design

There are reports that, there has been a hundred over precent growth in apps (buttons and icon design), a 60% growth in packaging (illustrated labels), and a staggering 525% increase in infographics. Stock houses are thriving. However graphic designers create illustrations of a higher standard than what is available on stock sites.

Our designer has the philosophy that “anything worth doing is worth doing right”.

What makes a good logo?

An effective logo is simple and memorable. It is also timeless, versatile and appropriate.

Simple logos are often easily recognized. They are incredibly memorable and most effective in conveying the client’s requirement. Trends and fashions come and go but an effective logo should be able to endure the ages just like CocaCola brand. A logo should be versatile enough to be printed in one colour, in different sizes or even in reverse contrast. Lastly, a logo’s colour and shape should be appropriate for its intended purpose.

Rumenn’s graphic designer can work with the client to follow these guidelines to produce a good logo.

Turnkey solution
Besides product design , we are able to provide turnkey solution including the PCB assembly for simple projects.

Product Design Company of Singapore

Please feel free to contact us at +65 97466018 or fill in Contact Form for an overview of our full portfolio. We can provide a free concept sketch upon Request for Quotation.

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